Virtual Events
with your brand

A platform that integrates your video stream while giving participants the tools to experience the rest of your event: live interaction, networking, video-chat, virtual exhibition, gamification, programme & speakers, live-chat and so much more.

All of this around a sexy, comprehensive interface, carrying your brand, your structure, your rules.

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What makes us special

  • Control from start to finish

    With website, registration, invitation, participant management, check-in, Mobile App and WebApp, we cover your event from start to finish, allowing you to overview your event.
  • We understand events

    After several years building technology for events together with our clients, we have developed a robust, complete yet flexible events platform.
  • Your brand, your rules, our help

    We adapt the design to your event brand, our structure is super flexible. Also, we build and configure the whole thing for you and then give you permission to edit the details.
  • Virtual Events with your brand
  • Virtual Events with your brand
  • Live Stream in Virtual Events
  • Live Polling in Virtual Events
  • Live Polling in Hybrid Events
  • Exhibition Area in Virtual Events
  • Video-Chat in Virtual Events

Your Live Streaming
Web App

  • Registration and authentication

    Participants uniquely identified through e-mail or access code. Free registration also available.
  • Agenda & Speakers

    Searchable event schedule, session ratings, speakers bios, notes, personal agenda.
  • Flexible structure

    Structure and design adaptable to your event needs.
  • Live-chat

    Each stream with its own live-chat, so participants can let you know what they're thinking.
  • Certificates & Reports

    Complete reports regarding time spent on the platform and navigation history. Generation of certificates based on attendance.
  • Q&A

    Participants can ask questions. Questions can be public and upvoted by the audience or private and only seen by the moderator.
  • Live-Polling

    Activate polls when you need them. Results are then shown to participants and you can also integrate them in your video stream.
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors

    Sponsor banners in specific areas and a full-featured exhibition area with virtual stands, where your exhibitors can showcase their offering and engage with participants.
What our clients say
  • "I reinforce and subscribe the words of our CEO and once again thank you all, in my name and IFE's, for all your commitment, effort, agility, collaboration, honesty and dedication when building this event. It was one of the biggest challenges we had to face lately, and it was a major success! That success would not have been possible without your support!
    Thank you! Now it's time to celebrate!"
    Bárbara Ruivo, Head of Sales @ IFE
  • "Thank you all, excellent work and collaboration. You've won another client. Everything went smoothly. I believe when we are pleased we should speak out and I should say that here, at Skyros, we really liked the way you work."
  • "I think it's important to point out that we had a very positive feedback regarding de PWIW App, not only because it was so relevant to the event, but also in its functionalities, simplicity, the way information was organised. Our sincere appreciation to the team that was involved in this project!"
    Flávio Oliveira, COORDINATOR

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