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Networking 2.0 & Virtual Exhibition

Evento Virtual is a platform in on-going improvement. We build new features taking into account the feedback from our clients of what's important to them. This time, we stepped up our Networking game with meetings and video-chat and built a whole new module of the platform to host exhibitors and their needs.

Virtual Networking that makes sense

Participants can search and filter who is using the platform, add them to their favourites, chat with them 1-on-1, schedule meetings with an in-app video-chat and share ideas around discussion forums.

Virtual Networking / Video-Chat in Virtual Events

A complete virtual exhibition module

Virtual Exhibition stands that give exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their offering with documents, questionnaires, direct contact with delegates and 1-on-1 engagement through video or text chat. Exhibition stands can have a custom image with interactive hotspots.

Virtual Exhibition Area

An interactive Web App

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  • Customization of Virtual Events

    Your event, your brand, your rules

    We customize colors, logos, backgrounds and stylings to match your event's brand. Choose your structure (we can help), which features make sense and which don't, and get the event platform you need.

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  • Authentication and registration in virtual events


    Login using e-mail or access code (or both!). Free registration also available. Participants will be able to watch your stream once authenticated, which can be integrated from YouTube, Vimeo, Dacast, you name it.

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  • Schedule and Speakers Bios in Virtual Events


    Searchable and filterable agenda, favourite sessions, session ratings, speaker bios. The platform supports several streams at the same time for parallel sessions.

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  • Q&A in Real Time in Virtual Events

    Give participants a voice

    Participants can ask questions in each session (anonymous or not). The audience may decide which questions are more relevant, or questions can be configured to be visible only by the moderator. If you want to project selected question, we have you covered as well.

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  • Live-Polling in Virtual and Hybrid Events


    You can activate live-polls and define how long the participants will have to answer that question. Once finished, you can show the results of the poll, and if you want to integrate the result in your live-stream, we have you covered.

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  • Live-Chat in Virtual Events


    Real-time chat to allow participants to comment what they're seeing. Because not everything can be expressed in words, we added emojis as well 💪. Each video-stream will have its separate live-chat room.

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  • Statistics & Reports in Events

    Statistics & Reports

    It's hard not to see who is on the other side of the screen. However, we've built the whole platform to give you a comprehensive overview of what people are doing and how long they spend on the platform.

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  • Feedback and Questionnaires in Events

    Surveys and Ratings

    Build as many surveys as you want to ask participants any question you'd like. You can make them availbale on a specific area or you can send them by push-notifications.

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  • Push-notifications in Virtual Events


    Communicate with your audience through push-notifications, which will appear in a dedicated notifications area, but also highlighted in a pop-up when they are sent. Alerts also available when participants get a new message, are invited to a meeting, etc.

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Website, invites and registration

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  • Event website

    Event website

    Content and branding adapted to your events. Design and features adaptable to mobile. Vertical website with all your event's information. Open access or authentication required (by login or token).

    Powered by mad4ideas

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  • Event participant registration

    Participant registration

    Intuititive and responsive registration forms. Pre-filled forms availble. Collect all the necessary participant data for your event. Forms can be individual or by group. Online payments available.

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  • E-mail campaigns in events

    E-mail campaigns

    Send "save the date" and invitation to your potencial guests. E-mails can be generic or customized with the particpant's information. E-mails may include direct links to specific areas of the website. Reminders for online events and e-mails with access codes to access mobile App or Live streaming.

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  • Registration and participant management in events

    Registration management

    Control your registrations and e-mails in real-time. Management and validation of participants. Classify and manage statuses of each participant. Communicate through e-mail or SMS. Get an overview of what's going on with a comprehensive dashboard.

    Powered by mad4ideas

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Mobile App

  • 16   ios and android

    iOS and Android

    Mobile app matches and complements the features of the LiveStreaming App. Ideal for hybrid events where some people will be on-site. A tool to aggregate the event information in your participant's pocket that can also integrate your live stream.
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