Step by Step

Your event from start to finish.
From invites to certificates of attendance, check out how the process is carried out.
  • 1

    E-mail invitation

    Participants get an e-mail inviting them to the event. These e-mails can be generic or participant-specific.
    E-mail invitation for events
  • 2

    Website and Registation

    Invitees access the website, browse the general information about the event and register.
    Events Website and Registation
  • 3

    Participant management

    While participants are being invited and registering on the platform, you can control the whole process, validate and correct data from participants, re-send e-mails, report information and make decisions through comprehensive dashboards.
    Events participant management
  • 4

    Video Live-Streaming (Your AV Team)

    Your AV Team will be responsible for producing your final video live-stream, which will be integrated in the platform, either by filming the event or by video-mixing speakers that are using an online conferencing software. The Video stream will be sent to a Streaming Server (ex: Vimeo, Youtube, Dacast...), that compresses the stream to be served to hundreds or thousands of viewers, and integrated in our platform.

    Note: It is necessary that, at this point, your AV team is up to speed with how the stream will be integrated to make sure everything runs smoothly.
    Video Live-Streaming in Events
  • 5

    Reminders with access information

    Closer to the event, participants will get reminders, so they don't forget your event is coming up. We include their access data in these reminders.
    Events reminder email
  • 6

    Evento Virtual - the LiveStreaming App

    This is when the participants experience the event, bringing together all the other pieces. Besides watching the sessions, they will be able to browse the schedule and plan their event, give feedback, live-chat, network with other participants, participate in sessions, give feedback and request certificates, among other possibilities.
    Evento Virtual - the LiveStreaming App
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