Virtual Exhibition

With our virtual exhibition module, your exhibitors will have a chance to have their own space within the platform to showcase their offering and interact with participants.

  • Virtual Exhibition Stands in Virtual Events
  • Video-chat in virtual exhibition
  • Interactive Exhibition Stands with hotspots

Custom-developed interactive stands

The presentation page of an exhibition stand can be as simple as an image, but as complex as a mini-app.

Here are a few examples:

  • Photo Booth

    Participants take a photo with a custom frame to share in the event feed.

  • Opinion Boards

    You can think of opinion boards as live-polling for exhibition stands. Collect opinions from whoever comes to the stand and present a graphic result of the outcome.

  • Immersive stands

    Interactive navigation!
    Imagine an exhibition stand where you click an area and the whole page changes, allowing for a point and click complex navigation.

  • Award a badge

    If the event includes gamification features, an exhibition stand can include an action that awards a badge to the participant, like answering a survey or visiting the stand.

  • Quizzes

    Interactive quizzes. Multiple choice questions that not only collect opinions but can yield a specific result by participant (ex.: personality quizz).

  • Simulations

    If the exhibitors offering is better explained by simulation, exhibition stands can also incorporate algorithms to let visitors make their simulations based on their parameters (ex.: how much you save by using the product).

  • Charitable donations

    A common interaction is asking participants to do an action (post a photo, write a sentence, etc), while the exhibitor promises to donate 1€ to charity for each contribution. The stand shows contributions and a sum of the total money collected.

  • Your idea

    Whatever your idea for an interactive stand, please let us know, we might be able to design it for you. Also, for an exhibition stand that serves many events, get in touch.

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